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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Currently Watching Face To Face

I am staying late night here to finish some online task. And what keeps me awake? Simple, watching ( this time, listening) to Face to Face, a talk show that aims to tackle different problems per episode.

It is not that I really want to see people doing cat fights on television. But I really like this show because the host as well as the three advisers make it a point to really listen to the guest's concerns and give their unbiased and professional advice to solve the concern.

I really hope that Face to Face would continue to showcase the importance of solving these problems while teaching the values that need to be practiced for a more peaceful environment that we live in.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Watching Survivor Celebrity Showdown

While I am waiting for a blogging inspiration, I am watching Survivor Celebrity Showdown on GMA 7. I admit that I was not able to watch the past seasons of this reality TV show, but what piqued my interest today is the fact that 'celebrities' are the ones who are stranded on the island.

Will they start to be bitchy as soon as some challenges arise or will they continue to be nice because there are cameras around? So far, there are some crying and fighting scenes but not that enough for me to really be that much intrigued hehe.

How about you? Have you watched this season of Survivor in the Philippines?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

News and Religion Site

Have you checked The Rapture of the Church site?

Well, if you are the person that follows the trail of latest happenings and its connection to some details from the Bible, then I believe that you would be interested in checking out their website.

When I checked the website today, I saw a long list of news collection about different topics like peace talks, technological devices, army troops and more. It made me interested to browse through those list because of the diverse topics that are yet neatly organized for better scanning and reading through the titles.

So if that made you interested as well, check out their site and see what reading will catch your eyes today.