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Monday, September 21, 2009

Reasons Why I Love Link From Blog

I have been blogging for the past four years, blogging privately and treating this mainly as a hobby.

But when I found out that I can also earn from blog advertising I told myself that I can also do this too. That is why I started to check out some opportunities online just like Link From Blog.

Link from blog is the apple of my eye in making money online through some sponsored reviews because the company has been very transparent of their dealings with their member bloggers.

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Let me tell you why.

First, they laid out all your possible questions to help you evaluate your blog before thinking of submitting it.

Another is that they also posted simple instructions for you to qualify your blog for activation. And the best part of it is that you are presented with a lot of opportunities to bid from.

And oh, did I say that they are going to give you a credit per quality blog that you submitted? So if you want to also earn money out of your blogging efforts, click on my affiliate link here and or the banner in the middle to get started right away okay? :)

Another Holiday is About to End

Yes, I have to say goodbye to another day of relaxation because tomorrow will be another working day for me.

I have been working for the BPO industry for the past eight years and I know that most of the employees working in this industry are required to report for work even during the holidays.

That is why I am so thankful lately that I was able to enjoy some additional rest days like the ones since last month. :) These little breaks in between really made me more motivated to report for work the next day.

Just like what I am feeling right now. Have to prepare for a night's sleep. Till next post. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Earn Money Online From Link From Blog

I have been blogging for almost two and a half years but I only realized that you can earn from blogging just last year.

How did I know about it? When I read other's blogs telling others about how they worked much to earn money online, I then became inspired to do the same. Since then, I also tried some online opportunities and had my share since then.

Now, there goes another way to learn from blogging through Link From Blog. I am very much excited because I already earned from this company, I am just waiting from some additional opportunities so I can cash it out real soon.

If you want to try this one out, I'd recommend you to click on the banner to get started. :)

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Mac and Cheese is My Favorite Dish

I really love to eat Mac and Cheese. It is indeed my favorite dish, or yes, side dish at times.

I have tasted a lot of Mac and cheese 'versions'. Some are indeed tasty and some are just ok, plain, bland mac and cheese combination.

I have watched a video on youtube on how to make a good mac and cheese and I should say that it looks so easy. I am now excited to try this at home. :)

Of course, as soon as I moved in to our new house. :)

image credit: achuen