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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolution

I will lose weight.

I will exercise more.

I will study my notes every night to avoid cramming.

I will save more of my earnings.

I will limit my night outs with friends and colleagues.

Do you still think of your New Years Resolution before the next year begins? Okay most of us would say yes, but the question is do we hold on to that resolution? If yes, for how long? :)

If you will look above you can see some of the resolutions I made years ago. How about you? Can you relate to the resolutions above? Which of them did you do well?

The sad part about these New Years resolutions is that we (most of the time) do not keep them good to last for a year. It's easy to fall back and go on doing things the old way.

So for me, I will just make a weekly or monthly SMART goals so that I can help myself achieve it and see results.





Time bound

I'll keep a food journal to list the food that I take everyday. I will have a set weekly budget and will work on it no matter what. I will keep all my blogging earnings and deposit it right away on my checking account to fund the equity that I need to settle for the townhouse that I'll loan before 2009 ends.

I'll increase the time walking briskly whenever possible. The thing is I cannot do strenuous exercises because it increases the acid that makes me feel uncomfortable. I'll also use this blog to serve as my online diary in my quest to lose weight.

How about your own SMART goals for this year? Can you share some?

Photo credit: Jupacri

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Boyfriend's 2009 Wishes

I asked Johann what are the things that he wishes for come 2009. I was expecting him to say things like a new laptop, a Sony Playstation Portable, a car or even a first-class massage. But he only answered, none.

He didn't want to make any wishes believing that he's jinxed when it comes to wishes. He had made so many wishes in his life but he said the things he wanted the most never do come true. So I guess he got tired of wishing.

Live life one day at a time. I'd say that would be his motto. I don't really dig that because I'm the kind of person who likes to make plans. And I love to make wishes and I believe wishes do come true. Of course not everything that you wish for will happen, but at least a few of them will... or might.

Perhaps I never outgrew Santa Claus. You know, when we were kids, we would make lists and Christmas wishes of toys and stuff that we wanted Santa to bring us. I still do make wishes, not to Santa, but to God. I believe he answers wishes or prayers, sometimes they're just the same.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dayo (Filipino Animated Movie)

If I have to watch a movie from the present Metro Manila Film Festival, I would watch Dayo first.

And why not? This is the product of all Filipino animators. I believe that it's about time that they experience the support of the Filipinos in this project.

I went to their official website today at . Take a look. :)

  • Bubuy - Nash Aguas
  • Anna Manananggal - Anna Legaspi
  • Nano - Peque Gallaga
  • Narsi - Michael V.
  • Anna's Father - Johnny Delgado
  • Diwata - Laurice Guillen

Want to know what this movie is all about? Check out what Inquirer has to say:

"Dayo" follows the adventure of 11-year-old Bubuy as he tries to save his grandparents who have been abducted and brought to Elementalia, a mysterious and magical land that is home to popular creatures of Philippine mythology.

So there. A typical story of a helpful kid with extra ordinary struggles to overcome. Imagine now that a manananggal is portrayed as a good and helpful person. :)

Aside from the cast, I would also like to commend Lea Salonga for sharing her talent. After she provided the melody in some international animated movies, she also proved that she can support her Fellow Pinoys. Great job Lea! :)

In the end, I believe that this project will inspire more Filipino animators to do more movies like this. If anyone of them would happen to read this, please continue your efforts. Prove to the world that we're not only capable of providing animation outsourced services, we can also come up with our own full length animated projects. :)

Toyota Losing Money

I am watching the news this morning when I heard that Toyota announced that they're losing some money, blame it on the value of Yen (that's according to the news) and global financial crisis.

I'm not sure about it but if you're here in the Philippines, you will notice a lot of Toyota cars on the road. I know that here, Toyota still rules in terms of car sales. Be it from private vehicles to taxi fleet sales, they're the preferred brand of Filipinos.

I just hope that this won't affect their workers. I feel for them knowing that I've worked for a Toyota dealership before. I really pray that this won't result to layoffs and job loss that will increase the number of unemployed people here in the country.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Too Many Blogging Things to Do

If you maintain multiple blogs like I do, I know you'll feel for me when I tell you that blogging takes much more of your time. Of course I'm not complaining, in fact I made this post to quickly evaluate the things that I've accomplished today.

Let's start with my call center blog. I already updated it with a new post, like a teaser on what the readers can expect on the next few posts, like call center activities. It only takes less than a minute to check my post about it so feel free to hop . :)

Next, I already posted a paid post in my marriage blog. After this post I will also write one more regular post about my newly bought wedding directory/magazine. That is my first wedding related purchase as we are preparing for our wedding in December next year.

After that I also wrote a post about a problogging job opening link I got from Jobstreet. Of all my blogs, I feel that my freelancing blog needs more time to build on content but it's fine. I'll really find time this week to write more posts on some of my other blogs.

Okay, enough of the posts, now for the Entrecard drops. I already completed 300 drops for call center gal. Now, I'm dropping for this blog. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simple Married Life and Pinay Freelancer are Up Again!

Do you know how it feels to have blogs that are 'invisible' to your visitors? I say so because two of my other blogs were down for almost five days.

Now that I have those blogs up again let me tell you more about my two missed blogs:

First is Simple Married Life. I co-authored this blog with my boyfriend Johann. We want to make this blog as our online diary as we plan our wedding and live a simple married life after.

Then the other one is Pinay Freelancer. I created this blog to record my thoughts on how to work at home and earn something online. This is what I wanted to do eventually, to be like my mom who is successful in taking care of the family while making money for herself through her offline business.

I would encourage you to visit my other blogs and feel free to leave your comments. In return, I'd bring back the visit and comment back on your blog.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Entrecard Here I Come!

As of this writing I am now waiting for Entrecard to scan my blog. I just inserted the widget and I hope this will work fine for this blog, just like how it worked well with my other self-hosted blogs.

For those who doesn't have an Entrecard account yet, it's time to sign up your blogs so you can get to expose your online diaries to a lot of bloggers.

I'm really excited. Let's see who gets to place an ad here. :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Earning Money Online

I've been doing this for some of my self-hosted domain blogs. There's no harm in making some extra money out of blogging right? Especially now that times are tough and we all need that something more to help sustain our finances.

These are the things that I've tried to make some more money online:

  • Advertising 125x125 banners
  • Text link advertising
  • Paid posts
  • Paid features
I have yet to try online surveys and affiliate programs. Let me know how else can I legally earn money online aside from those that I've mentioned above.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brenden Foster Dies

I dunno why but I always am touched by stories of people who made a positive difference in their simplest ways. That is why when I read this story and watched his video in You Tube I really felt sad about what happened to Brenden Foster.

I cried for what happened to the boy. Until now that I am writing this post, I am still touched by the thought that he made his short stay worthwhile.

If you're reading this post, the least we can do is to help spread the word. We can help make a difference by writing a post like this. Are you up to this simple task?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rest from Blogging

I've been working too much on my online activities for the last few months. Every weekend, I need to attend to a lot of things and whenever I miss something, I feel like I'm in trouble the next day.

My boyfriend noticed that weekends were never a relaxing days for me. So he told me to just have a weekend off, which I reluctantly agreed.

But now I'm proud to say I did forget about my online stuff, even for a day. I never checked my multiple email accounts, logged on to my blogs, moderated comments, updated my plurk and twitter profile, dropped Entrecards, anything that has to do with my blogging activities. I just went out with my boyfriend to check the house that we're considering to loan from the bank. We spent the rest of the day having a good meal, talked about just anything and walked to check some goodies. ;)

Now, I'm back again to wear the blogging chain hehe. But from now on, I'll make it a point to call some weekends off so I can relax and get away from blogging stress.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Relaxing Online Experience

I've always wanted to work at home and I'm working on it little by little. ;) Though I'm planning to be a SAHM / WAHM someday, I would still wanted a stress-free online experience while doing my writing gigs. This picture of a laptop and an apple inspires me more to achieve my simple goal ;)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My New Blog Template

Can you believe that cool templates really inspires someone to blog?

Just like what I'm feeling. I really love the look of my new hip blog. This has a very stylish design as oppose to the classic look that it had before. ;) I would like to really commend my cute boyfriend blogger who have been very supportive of my blogging whims. ;)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cool Educational Websites - Math

This entry is just the first part of a series that features educational websites. I wish I had a chance to use them when I was in (grade/high) school. Now, I wanted other people to benefit from these useful websites.

Math Subjects

Who loves math subjects? =)

I admit that I am really challenged by these math subjects when I was in school. I can easily get the basic concepts but finds it hard to follow complicated ones.

Click on this link to view a list of these cool math sites. =)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Me and My Aching Feet

Before, I used to stand for almost eight hours (at the most) whenever I have training classes. Now, after an hour or two, I'm starting to feel that my feet need to rest. It became worse that I was advised to consult a podiatrist.

I was able to consult a physician (since I was assigned to one) and her suggestion: BLOOD TEST! She wanted to check if its a possible case of gout. =(

That thought scared me and so I started to read related literature. I'll update this post as soon as I got the result. But for now, I need to avoid eating the following (from ):


  • Dried beans and peas, mackerel, meat extracts, sardines, scallops, shrimp, yeast extracts and organs like brain, heart, liver and kidneys.
  • Moderate amounts of purines, including asparagus, dried beans and legumes, fish, mushrooms, poultry, and spinach.
  • Lose weight by reducing calories rather than by vigorous exercise (which increase uric acid production).
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to dilute the uric acid concentration of urine.
  • Avoid alcohol, especially beer (with its brewer’s yeast content).
  • Eat cherries.

Nutritional Supplements

  • Avoid trace mineral supplements containing molybdenum. Molybdenum surplus causes a condition very similar to gout.
  • Avoid megadoses of vitamn C. They may increase the production of uric acid.
  • Avoid high doses (over 50 milligrams per day) of niacin. Niacin competes with uric acid for excretion into the urine.
  • Avoid iron supplements. Excess iron in the bloodstream can cause uric acids to form in joints.

As one of the popular lines of the doctors would say: "Prevention is better than cure."

Till next post. Have a healthy week ahead. =)

Normal things that people can go back to now that Paquiao has won

  1. MILF and Philippine Army can now end their ceasefire.
  2. Some of our neighbors can now go to church to hear mass.
  3. My Dad can take his afternoon nap.
  4. My mom can now water the plants.
  5. I can now write more entries on my blog. ;)

Doing laundry on weekends

I love to do the laundry. How about you?

Its just that lately, I feel that there are lot more important things to do aside from just doing the laundry the whole day. So I just gave my mom an amount just enough to hire someone to do it for us.